I have been fortunate to be an sbxhrl Consultant since 1998. I have also been fortunate to have been constantly referring to new consulting engagements from people I have worked with (engagements in the internal corporate roles of both partners and from individual consulting clients). Those references almost always lead to long-term business relationships.


Last week, while reviewing a monthly report with a client and discussing a long-term “up and down” performance chart, he asked me, “What is the start date of this chart?” I confirmed that the chart started in 2017. Then I pointed out that the chart started again shortly after the brand (and domain name change). We worked together for two years before that change. So tomorrow is seven years.


That long-term client came through a quote from a former corporate partner with whom he had worked internally for a few years. It gave me a chance to look at other customers for a long time. I knew that even the latest in the client list would extend our relationship beyond the initial six-month agreement. He chose to continue this business relationship because of the significant business benefits.


Of course, there are dozens of short-term clients sbxhrl , and I noticed that most short-term clients come from a variety of paid leads, placement marketing sites, and general sales activity. I’m not a big salesman, I focus on the results. I often use these “top and right” long-term performance charts to show potential new clients what they can expect when we work together.


I have now confirmed that all long-term work has begun with the current business relationship! I’m regularly frustrated with paid sales channels (paid leads and ads). They produce short-term work from companies that are not committed, do not have a marketing budget, do not have clear goals, and do not know their competitors. Some short-term plans are due to business failures or deviations from the original goals.


So I would like to thank you publicly for just recommending these words sbxhrl. I am grateful to my former corporate colleagues, including product, design, web producers, software engineers, C-Suite, and former marketing teammates. Consulting clients also suggest new business contacts after working together. When contacts move from one company to another, I listen to them when their new company needs advice.


All of these citations have helped long-term clients that I didn’t have to pay to find. Nor did he have to work through long sales funnels to get new long-term jobs. Once guaranteed, I will continue to use paid channels, but long-term relationships require very little.


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Mike Valentine is an SEO consultant who works with SaaS providers, publishers, and business-to-business clients nationally and internationally.

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