Office Management With DeskFlex

Office Management With DeskFlex

DeskFlex is a powerful software application that works seamlessly with your existing company network and integrates with Microsoft Active Directory to provide easy and secure access to your applications. It also syncs with calendars and room scheduling systems, making it easy for you to manage multiple applications simultaneously. You can access your work from any location and access any of your applications with a single click.


The DeskFlex FlexCube is a cutting-edge office management solution that enables you to manage your workplace more effectively. It displays the availability of desks and workspaces in real-time, allowing you to assign your employees a space when they need it. The desk’s color-coded LED lights also indicate the status of a workspace: green indicates that it is available for use, red indicates that it has been reserved, yellow means that it is open for booking soon, and blue indicates that it is occupied by a permanent user.

DeskFlex also offers management reports, which offer exact measurements of occupancy. These reports are available by type, allowing you to easily adjust the number of desks based on the type of client you are.

Room Display Touchscreen

The DeskFlex Room Display Touchscreen is a multi-function device that helps businesses manage meeting rooms and classrooms. It makes it easy for office managers to make and check reservations without having to leave their desks. The touchscreen is compatible with MS Exchange and Outlook and comes with a free 30-day trial.

The touchscreen helps organizations manage their conference rooms, classrooms, and training rooms. Using this interface, managers and staff can make reservations, manage costs, and schedule rooms. They can even set up text or email notifications when a reservation is confirmed.


You can download the Free DeskFlex App for laptops and use it just like you would on an Android or iOS smartphone. This application is compatible with Bluestacks, an application that lets you install any android or iOS app without the need of the Google Playstore. This application is a lightweight, simple to use tool, and works well with high-end games.

DeskFlex provides you with a free 30-day preliminary, so you can try it out without any obligation. You can even use their office spaces for free for the first month.


Desk Flex provides ergonomic benefits that help employees work in a productive and healthy way. The adjustable desk can be moved around and pushed together to facilitate collaborative work or slid into a nook for private concentration time. Its mobility features include integrated rollers and one cord-out power. It also has user-adjustable curved screens. The Flex can be used with the Diversal Modular Beam-Based System to increase its flexibility.

DeskFlex also allows organizations to better manage and control space. The system allows staff to reserve workstations, parking, phones, and other equipment. Businesses can set aside blocks of rooms, set special rates for meetings, and even hold special events with the system. It also lets staff schedule inventory return dates and automatically return unused equipment.

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