Lasit Laser – Laser Marking Technology

Lasit Laser – Laser Marking Technology

LASIT Laser is a company specializing in laser marking, automation, and in-line laser integration. With customers such as Ferrari, Volvo, and FCA, LASIT has developed different stand-alone and automated solutions. With a research and development department that puts its customers’ needs first, the company has a clear focus on the future of laser technology.

Lasit Laser is a company specializing in laser marking

The Italian-based Lasit Laser is a leader in the field of laser marking technology. Founded in 1990, the company is home to twelve thousand square feet of manufacturing space in Torre Annunziata, Italy. The company serves Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries. With a global focus and a commitment to research and development, Lasit strives to offer innovative solutions to meet their customers’ needs.

Laser marking technology is used to create permanent codes on metal and other materials. Laser marking machines come in a variety of types. The type of marking that you need depends on the materials you’re working with, and the quality standards you’re looking for. LASIT laser equipment offers dependability and accuracy that will help you meet your requirements.

In addition to offering a variety of systems, Lasit offers a wide range of services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a laser for marking cylindrical components, or for creating complex patterns, Lasit can help you create the right design and make the most out of your laser marking process.

Through in-line laser integration, various standalone and automated solutions have been developed

Lasit Laser is an Italian manufacturer of laser marking technology. With a factory over 12000 square meters, the company’s main facility is based in Torre Annunziata, Italy. Founded in 1990, the company has been in business for nearly 30 years and offers a wide product portfolio and custom solutions. The company values innovation and encourages global thinking, while providing its employees with opportunities to learn and grow.

LASIT offers a wide range of laser options. The FiberFly laser uses active fiber doped with Ytterbium to deliver high-precision marking and micro-machining capabilities. With an expected life of 100,000 hours, this laser is the perfect choice for precision micro-machining and marking processes. Its unique design includes single emitter diodes (SEDs) for high-efficiency output and an interference filtration system to eliminate interference.

LASIT Laser offers a wide range of laser marking systems, from small portable systems to large production lines. Its products are designed by engineers with over 20 years of experience and made in-house to ensure the highest quality. The company also offers customized solutions for specific needs and can help you evaluate different lasers.

It has a research and development department

LASIT Laser is a 100-person company focused on the development of laser technology. The company maintains a personal approach to each client and is committed to providing the best solutions possible. The team is dedicated to helping customers improve their brand visibility and industrial processes, and they provide cutting-edge solutions to meet their needs.

The company’s research and development department is responsible for many of the breakthrough innovations in laser marking equipment. Its highly experienced and highly qualified staff conducts laser research for clients, including automotive companies, and provides thorough scientific reports. The company uses lasers that have a dominant center frequency and are capable of operating at several different wavelengths. The lasers used by Lasit are based on a material called neodymium-yttrium-aluminum garnet (NYAG).

LASIT has dedicated more than 20 years to developing laser marking machines, from custom-made systems to highly automated systems. The company’s R&D department consists of automation specialists, mechanical engineers, and software specialists. This group constantly works to improve the quality of every Lasit product.


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