Factors That Help You Choose Between Breast Augmentation Vs. Breast Implants
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Factors That Help You Choose Between Breast Augmentation Vs. Breast Implants

Every person wants to feel poised and confident, and women are no exception to this. Some women consider changing their appearance to achieve that. If you are unsure of your breasts’ size, shape, and volume, a breast augmentation procedure can help you attain a better look. The augmentation can restore symmetry and improve curves, ensuring you look good and feel great.

What is Breast Augmentation?

It is also known as breast enhancement and is a cosmetic surgery that involves inserting breast implants in the breast tissue to enhance the shape and size. It can also involve fat transfer from other body parts to the breast.  The aim is to have bigger and fuller breasts for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. This procedure can benefit those who lack confidence due to the size and shape of their breasts and cancer patients who have undergone mastectomy. Additionally, women who have undergone childbirth and are breastfeeding can use augmentation to restore their breast size and shape. Whatever the reason, the procedure is safe and can give a boost to your confidence. 

What are Breast Implants?

A breast implant is a medical prosthesis inserted in the breast muscles to enhance the shape, feel, and size. The two most common types of breast implants include saline and silicone.

Saline Implants

They are made of a sterile saline solution such as salty water. The water is held in a silicon shell, and its volume determines the size, shape, and breast firmness. These implants give the breast a natural look and feel. The advantage is that saline is flexible and easy to customize. Additionally, it is easy to detect leakages.

The surgeon inserts the empty shells during the procedure and gradually adds the saline until they reach the desired size. It allows precise measurement of the volume to achieve a uniform size and feel for both breasts. It is the best for those with uneven or disproportionate breasts.

 Silicone Implants

These implants are made of a silicone shell filled with silicone gel. They are popular because they have the same texture as breast tissue. Therefore, they give your breast a natural look without signs of augmentation. However, since it is hard to detect leakage, you must undergo check-ups to ensure they function well.

How to Choose the Right Implant

To help you settle on the right implant, consider these factors.

  1.   Size  

Most women who have chosen augmentation want bigger breasts. However, you must choose a size that matches other body features. Ensure you get help from a top plastic surgeon in Mumbai or at your preferred location to help you determine the right size for you. If the breasts are too big, they may distort your body balance and cause back problems.

  1.   Shape 

Your chest contours determine the shape of the implants. Therefore, you need to consider a shape that aligns with your body. For example, you can choose between teardrop, round, or Gummy bear implants. The round implants have a consistent shape making the breast fuller, while the gummy bear always maintains its shape. A teardrop shape means the implant tapers at the tip and gives a natural breast look.

  1.   Fill

Breast implants compose of an outer silicone shell with a saline or silicone fill. Both fills have their pros and cons. Most women prefer silicon fill because it is more like the natural breast. Additionally, it is lighter, makes the breast firmer, and is best for women with little breast tissue. However, it is hard to detect gel leakage, and you must take MRI tests every three years to ensure the implant is working well.

The FDA approves saline implants for women over eighteen years, while silicone is for those aged over 22. These implants do not require monitoring since they deflate in case of leakage. It is best for women with more breast tissue.

  1.   Texture

You can choose between textured and smooth implants, depending on your preferences. The smooth implant is soft and silky. Thus, if you’re looking for a more natural movement and fluidity that matches the body, you can settle for a smooth implant.

Conversely, textured implants have no movement. They are designed to remain in position. They have textured pockets that adhere to scar tissue resulting from surgery. This adherence reduces movement.

Choosing Breast Augmentation 

You can choose breast augmentation for aesthetic or reconstructive purposes.  Here are some things to consider about the surgeon

  • Ensure the surgeon is a trained professional from a recognized institution.
  • Ensure they have the required experience to perform the procedure.
  • Ensure they have a portfolio of patients so you can look at the reviews.

Breast augmentation is a safe procedure that can help you regain or enhance your breast appearance. Before settling on the process, ensure you know the different types of implants, their shape, size, and texture. It allows you to settle on the best for your psychological and physical requirements. Additionally, ensure the surgeon is trained and experienced in performing the procedure. Whether you are enhancing your appearance or reconstructing for medical reasons, breast augmentation can help you achieve that.

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