Expert Advice For A Healthy Ramadan 2022

Expert Advice For A Healthy Ramadan 2022

During the fortunate month of Ramadan, regular fasting from dawn to dusk is followed. The fast is broken traditionally at sundown with a meal called Iftar and then again before dawn with Suhoor fasting restarts. Fasting throughout Ramzan, especially during the summer months, maybe difficult with temperatures rising by the day! Summer days are longer than normal; thus, you must go without food and water for a longer period when keeping the sacred fast. Health experts from pharmaceutical exporters in Pakistan say that the blazing heat has a great risk of negatively affecting your body and causing various health difficulties, stress, and irritation. 

We’ve compiled a list of expert-curated guidelines to guarantee that this does not happen and that you have a healthy and happy fasting experience throughout the holy month of Ramzan. Experts from top pharmaceutical companies advise taking a comprehensive and balanced approach to eating nutritious meals thoughtfully and getting adequate physical exercise with a proper 8 hours of sleep. According to health professionals, following simple principles can help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and lower your cholesterol.

Some of these straightforward recommendations are discussed below.

Take care of your sleep schedule:

Ramadan is a month of fervent prayer. Though it may be enticing to stay up late for Suhour and only sleep after Imsak, you should still strive for at least 8 hours of sleep per 24 hours. A well-rested body and mind will allow you to focus better at work and have more stamina throughout the day. Because of the early mornings and late evenings, your sleeping routine will most likely be a little erratic throughout Ramadan. Many pharma companies in Pakistan provide organic sleep treatments for a healthy mind and body.

If you are facing trouble sleeping, Nature’s Bounty Melatonin pills may help you to prevent occasional sleeplessness. Melatonin can support sound sleep while giving you a healthy amount of nutrition, which makes it the best choice for people having hard times getting a peaceful sleep. Different individuals require different amounts of dosages, depending upon their age and needs. If you are most likely to swallow the melatonin tablets, then we have rapid-release soft gels, capsules, and bi-layer pills ranging from 1mg – to 10mg per serving.

Refill your energy with hygienic and nutritious meals:

Fasting will produce a shift in eating habits and frequency of meal intake. It is critical to meet your vitamin and mineral requirements to maintain a robust immune system. Avoid feeding cravings with sugary sodas and energy drinks after a long day of fasting. Instead, choose unprocessed foods like fruits and complex carbs like rice, bread, and whole grains with veggies to keep you satiated for longer. Breaking your fast with dates is a traditional and nutritious way to start Iftar. Dates are an excellent source of fiber. By eating carefully, you may enjoy your meal while avoiding overeating. Suhoor should be a nutritious supper that provides you with enough energy to last till Iftar. Choose healthful items to keep you going throughout the fast. Avocados, unsalted almonds, olives, and olive oil are all good sources of healthful unsaturated fats.

  • Try organic treatments for vitamin balance:

Health professionals also suggest organic remedies for vitamin balance. These organic remedies are completely natural and have no negative side effects. Don Valley Pharma is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, supplying these multivitamins. They have introduced JUVEL, Multivitamin Tablets containing Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, E, A, B6, B12, and Zinc for daily immune support and vitamin deficiency mitigation. It supports healthy growth and development, reduces biological age indications, and increases bone mineral density. During Ramadan, you can take them to keep your body balanced, as vitamins are key components for living a healthy lifestyle. Don Valley Pharma is one of the most outspoken pharmaceutical companies in Lahore in supplying these organic multivitamins for a healthy and energetic body.

Moreover, don’t neglect your hygiene. Wash your hands frequently, regularly, and before consuming any meal with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. Before eating, wash all fruits and vegetables. 

Keep your body balanced and hydrated – drink and exercise!

Although fasting may cause you to feel fatigued and less energetic, missing regular exercise for a month is harmful, especially because most of your meals shift at night. Moderate exercise is recommended and will help you feel less lethargic. Just remember to wait a few hours after Iftar before engaging in any activity. For maintaining a healthy weight, health professionals recommend natural supplements. Many medicine suppliers in Pakistan offer organic multivitamins high in fiber for maintaining a healthy body weight. Don Valley Pharma is one such manufacturer, who created Propol, a soluble fiber mostly used to treat obesity. These Glucomannan pills include a naturally occurring, water-soluble fiber derived from konjac root. It has no negative effects because it is completely organic. Consistent usage of Propol can help you lose weight, decrease your cholesterol, control diabetes, and improve your digestion, enhancing food absorption.

  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Thirst is one of the most difficult symptoms of fasting, causing us to drink a lot of water and drinks as soon as we break our fast and then again right before Imsak. Because high temperatures cause greater sweating, consuming fluids to replenish what you may lose over the day is critical. However, health professionals from Pakistan’s top medicine companies believe that rehydration should be a continuous approach. The ideal strategy to rehydrate fasting bodies and keep them hydrated for as long as possible is to pace your liquid intake by drinking at least 2 liters of water. It also helps to limit caffeinated drinks at night and supplement your liquid intake with soups, water-rich fruits, and vegetables like cucumbers and melons. Also, keep in mind that fizzy drinks include sugar, which will add calories to your diet.

Take care of your body and enjoy a Happy Ramadan!


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