Symptoms and cures of Boxcar scars:

Symptoms and cures of Boxcar scars:

Boxcar scars

Boxcar scars are round depression scars that appear on the skin due to acne. These scars are hard to fade away than simple scars. Scars occur due to cystic acne. Due to this, the collagen of the skin is lost. If collagen in the skin is lost, it will never recover. The boxcars are hard to recover. Moreover, the skin texture becomes bumpy after having these scars. These scars are not dangerous but some people don’t like the scars.

The scars are of skin color. But sometimes can appear as red scars. And sometimes it has a brown color. It depends upon the type of acne. The treatment of boxcar scars is quite hard. It is not easy to recover skin to its previous stage. Dermatologists also don’t understand the reason for boxcars or crater scars. Moreover, some procedures are used to minimize or lighten these scars. I’ve elaborate on some of the most popular ones.

Treatment of Boxcar or crater scars:

These scars do not go away on their own and need treatment. The top most useful method is Microdermabrasion. In this procedure, the outer layer of the skin removes. This procedure ensures skin to produce collagen. Collagen covers up all the scars present on the skin. This method is used in the case of atrophic scars. Atrophic scars appear as depression on the skin. The skin never returns to its previous texture. Boxcar scars never heal on themselves. Medical procedures are necessary.

Chemical peels:

In Chemical peels, different chemicals are involved. Chemicals are used to peel the outer skin layer. These peels involve three categories: Light, medium and deep. The side effects of chemical peels involve scaling of skin, redness, or rash. Most dermatologist ignores deep chemical peeling. Apart from this, chemical peels do not work on very deep scars or saggy skin.

Derma Fillers to reduce rolling scar:

Fillers are injections, which can fill boxcar scars. The injection simply fills the scars and smooths the skin. Fillers are also of many types. Temporary fillers fill the scar and enhance the collagen-making capacity of the skin. Secondly,semi-permanent also enhances the collagen capacity which lightens the scars. Third, are permanent fillers. This filler gives permanent results. And fade away rolling scars also.
Microneedling to cure rolling scars:

This procedure involves so many thin needles. The thin needles can stab into your skin. These needles successfully damage the skin and cause injuries. The body heals the skin by producing collagen. This collagen may fix boxcar scars. Collagen is a chemical that can give skin an elastic and smooth look. Moreover, this procedure is painful. And also cause redness and swelling.

Laser therapy:

This therapy is used in crater laser treatment. There are two types of laser therapies. First Ablative laser, these lasers can target dead skin cells. Light of different pulses uses in this process. The side effects include redness, itching, and irritation. Moreover, the second type is non-ablative. It targets the second layer of skin but it is less effective than the former. Furthermore, the side effects of this therapy are also less. Because it applies under the top layer of the skin.

Cost of the procedures:

All these procedures are involved in the treatment of boxcar scars. Chemical peels are cheap among all procedures. It can cost more than $500 according to the American plastic surgery society. On the second number are derma fillers. It can vary by dosage but is above $600. Third is micro needling. The price of this process is above $1000. Third is laser therapy. Likewise, it is the most expensive procedure. The cost of a laser varies. The estimated price lies between $1500 to $6000.

Prevention of rolling acne and scars:

Prevention is better than cure. Cystic acne or rolling acne is the main reason which leads to rolling scars. If you have this type of acne treat it first. Because if it is left untreated. It can lead to deep boxcar scars. Likewise, chronic cystic acne is hard to treat. You can use antibiotics to reduce acne. Retinoid or retinol acids are quite good to reduce cystic acne. Before and after results of trying these therapy varies. And also it varies from person to person.